Classic Caviar (50gr)

Classic Caviar (50gr)

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Sevruga Caviar and Baerii Caviar make BahooCaviar’s Classic Caviar. These species are trim and small, and features a pointed snout with an upward tilts. The Sevruga maximum length is 1.5 m and rarely weighs more than 25 kg. Its caviar is dark to light grey, fine-grained and very popular due to its distinguished flavor. The BaeriiCaviar is originally comesfrom the Siberian sturgeon, it is one of the smallest sturgeons, its weight rarely exceeding 10 kilos. The Baerii caviar is close in appearance and texture to the grain of the Sevruga Caviar. Medium to small size, its gray to light gray eggs joyously burst in the mouth, leaving a sweet, nutty flavor.

You don’t really need a special occasion for caviar; it is a special occasion in itself. Nevertheless it does befit those rather “Uncommon place” events such as state receptions, luxuries dinners a deux or more, coronation festivities and victory celebrations, intimate breakfasts in bed and prestigious cocktail parties.