The Iranian coastal region in the southern part of the Caspian Sea are still an intact natural habitat offering the sturgeon of an ideal environment: clean water, abundant nutrition and direct access spawning areas in the rivers. Our intension is to keep it that way and to supply the best caviar for generation to come. Therefore it is our commitment to undertake every effort to preserve stocks, water, habitats and the art of caviar making.

Caviar distribution in Iran started in 1991 through an official license issued by Iranian State Fisheries Company (Shilat) which holds the exclusivity of exploitation and export of Iranian caviar. This action has been continued up to now by BahooKhazar Co. as the official domestic caviar distributor of Iran. Along with international superiority of Iranian Shilat Caviar and selection of Farmed Caviar, provision of special service and unique packaging has been always taken care. BahooKhazar’s brilliant record for packagingand distribution of fine seafood is our witness of this fact.