Is it possible to freeze caviar?

It is not recommended.

How long The caviar can be used after unpacking?

Between 7 to 10 days

How passengers of the foreign countries can take the caviar with themselves?

Our caviar will be packed in ice packs and will be sent as cargo inside the airplane’s refrigerator, which can hold your precious caviar healthy for about 12 to 17 hours

What to do if there is a need to take more than 150gr caviar to foreign countries?

You need to request for a CITES certificate through our company

How much caviar can each person take abroad?

Maximum is 150 grams, that doesn’t include SHILAT caviar. Only farmed ones can be transfered

In which cases do doctors recommend eating caviar?

In cases of athletes, recovery times, pregnant women, and for those who are asthenia or have body weakness.

Is it possible to send caviar from Tehran to other cities and provinces?

Yes. By airplanes

Does delivery cost extra money?

Shipping Fee will be charged to buyer.

Why there is difference in price between different types of caviar?

Caviar’s price is dependent to the fish that makes it. The fish makes difference by their size, color and the period needed to produce caviar.

What’s the difference between different kinds of caviar?

The difference is in their taste, color, and granules size

Are all kinds of caviar equal in nutrition and health facts?

Yes they are.

What’s the difference between SHILAT caviar and farmed caviar?

SHILAT caviar is a production of wild fish in Caspian sea while farmed caviar is completely produced in farm.

How many types of caviar is there in BahooCaviar?

Beluga, Asetra (Oscietra), Classic (Sevruga, Baerii)