Caviar is processed, salted sturgeon fish roe. There are several caviar types and many varieties of fish that contribute to this ancient gourmet treat.

True caviar, BahooCaviar Caviar, however, comes from sturgeon only, primarily Beluga, Asetra, and Sevruga sturgeons. Every species of sturgeon, however, is on the endangered species list. The largest remaining deposit of sturgeon is in the Caspian Sea, shared by Russian and Iranian producers, where 85% of today’s wild caviar originates.

The Baerii

Light to dark grey in colour, this Caviar has small eggs and a delicious taste. The original is a must for beginners who want to indulge in authentic flavour of Caviar. The Baerii caviar is known as Classic in BahooCaviar.

The Asetra

Dark to light brown, its grain is often distinguished by its green colour. The eggs are medium sized with a thin shell. Smooth and velvety texture, along with a wonderful aroma.

The Belugas

Beluga Grade 1

 Beluga have the smoothest eggs with light to dark grey colour grains, that give Beluga its distinct character amongst all types of caviar. Its complex taste lingers in the mouth, offering a flavour that is appreciated by true caviar connoisseurs.

Imperial Beluga

The smoothest Caviar, it is a complex array of briny notes, bursting with flavours of the sea. True experts recognize the difference instantly due to its large and glossy eggs. Exquisite richness and sublime flavour, it claims to be the pinnacle of Caviar artistry and is only available in limited quantities at BahooCaviar.